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We offer you a complete line of swimming pool UV-C sanitizer-disinfection systems and help you with the choice for a 80% less chlorine or total chlorine-free swimmingpool.

In co-operation with Philips Eindhoven is an effective and affordable new UV (Ultraviolet) lamp developed that now allows for owners of small and large private swimming pools up to 150,000 Ltr. the benefits of the UV lamps system.

For years, the UV-C lamps are used in all kind of garden ponds for clear and biologically water and special by owners of expensive Japanese koi fish who have the highest demands on the water quality for their favorite animals.

By increasing awareness of the harmful effects of chlorine used in pools for man and environment is it pleasant to know that more and more swimmingpool owners now switching to a secure and safe way of disinfecting the swimmingpool with the help of a UV water disinfection system.

The disadvantage of the method of disinfecting your swimmingpool with chlorine is that its released chloride into the air by movment of the poolwater or contact with sunlight, thats way you need to add on regularly basis more chlorine to your existing swimmingpool.

The evaporation of chlorine addition gives a nasty chlorine smell in enclosed spaces including lung and respiratory problems with people who suffer from asthma or COPD.

By using the standard UV-C Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon or UV-C timer, you can use untill 80% less chlorine in your swimmingpool as have less irritation on the your skin and have red eyes after swimming.

To enjoy a 100% chlorine free swimming pool is the Blue Lagoon Ionizer developed, the combination of using a UV lamp and a copper electrolysis ionizer (positively charged metal ions) is resulting in a chlorine-free pool.

We also have the Blue Lagoon ozone and UV-C combination who not only kill micro-organisms (fungi, bacteria and viruses) but also destroys cosmetics, urine, perspiration, suntan lotions and oils out off the water.



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