Budget Tech Flex 75 Watt UV-C Purifier

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Fish-Pond UV-C Steriliser Unit

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This new model have a safety switch. As soon as the lamp is taken out of the housing, the power supply is interrupted and you won´t be able to look into the burning UV-C lamp. This guarantees optimal safety during maintenance.

Competitive priced T5 UV-C units with an aluminium house and 4 connections! Very easy to install thanks to the flexible connection options.

Available in 75 watt. Comes with electronic ballast for optimal performance.

The T5 lamp provides a disinfection value of 25.000 microwatt. 63 mm solvent connections including reducer ring to 50mm / 1½" fem.thr. Max. pressure: 2 bar.

The UV-C radiation neutralises bacteria (including Legionella bacteria), viruses and other primitive organisms and prevents propagation

Technical specifications Budget Flex UV-C 75w

- Max. water content 75000 Liter

- Lamp ( red Basis ) 75w

- UV Radiation 25w

- Safety Switch Yes

- Max. Flow Through 20000 L/h

- Max pressure 2 bar

- Max. Connection sice Ø63 mm

- Lenght of device +/- 85cm

- Metal Tube Alunimium

- Lenght of lamp 65cm

- Power 220/230v 50/60Hz

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